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Rescue Stories 

There are really too many stories to tell! These are just a few of the rescue stories we have.

Rescued Animals Photo Album

The animals pictured in
this album all share the same story. They were either surrendered by their owners or confiscated by animal control for neglect. We took them in, cared for them, and found them new homes. We do not have pictures of every animal we have helped, so this is small percentage of the animals we have taken in over the years. We often add new photos to this album as well.

Freeway the Piglet

This little piglet fell out of a livestock truck on 465 on May 22, 2015. He was headed to a farm where he would be fattened up for slaughter, but must have decided that wouldn't be his fate. Miraculously, he wasn't hit by a car and was taken to Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, where we picked him up and rushed him to the vet for emergency treatment. We named him Freeway. He healed up quickly and will spend the rest of his happy life on a farm where he will NOT be slaughtered for meat!

Michigan Rescue
In February 2015, A Critters Chance was contacted about an animal emergency around Michigan City. A man had been transporting about 200 small animals in a semi without food and water, leaving many to starve and the rest to resort to cannibalism to survive. When the truck overturned, the animals were left to die from the cold. The trailer they were in had plenty of food and a water system set up to care for the animals, but there was no water in the system and they weren't given the food. The smell was terrible. A local bird rescue took in the surviving parakeets, finches and canaries, and we made the drive to take in the remaining 41 hamsters, gerbils and mice. We later learned that these animals were headed to large chain pet stores to be sold. This situation reinforces our belief that exotic pets should not be sold in stores. Please do not buy these animals! You may think you are rescuing that animal, and that is true for that one individual, but you are also supporting a heartless industry that leads to the deaths of hundreds, and maybe thousands, of others. To learn more, watch the video we made about this rescue.

Fortville Farm Rescue - Our Biggest, Most Intense Rescue This rescue involved 111 animals and cost about $11,000! Please click here to begin reading.