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This chinchilla is extremely curious and playful! He is about five years old and available for adoption!

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Welcome to A Critter's Chance!

C aring H earts for A nimals N eeding a C aring E nvironment

A Critter's Chance is a 501c3 organization specializing in wildlife rehabilitation and exotic/domestic pet rescue. We do not receive any government funding. We depend on the kindness of animal lovers and their contributions in order to care for the animals and cover our operational costs. If you would like to make a donation, you may mail a check to the address listed on our Contact page or use the PayPal button to the left. If you are interested in other ways of helping, such as donating items, volunteering, or fostering, please click the "How to Help" button. We very much appreciate all help and donations! Without the kindness of fellow animal lovers we could not operate!

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Important Announcement!!

A Critters Chance is overwhelmed with the amount of wildlife that is coming in right now. We are full and cannot take in any more animals at this time. There is a major shortage of Wildlife Rehabbers in Central Indiana and the entire state. We can only do so much. Please keep a few things in mind. First, STOP THE MADNESS and stop live-trapping animals and relocating! Not only do you take away mom, you're only leaving a spot open for another animal to come in. If you want an animal gone, then convince her to leave, and she will move her babies. They always have a backup nest. Loud music, bright lights, etc have worked. Once she has moved the babies, then FIX THE HOLE OR THE WAY SHE GOT IN TO BEGIN WITH. Baby cottontails are most likely not abandoned. The mother makes the nest, and she only comes at night to feed them, so you will not see her. If you have questions call us and please let's learn to COEXIST.

Fund Raiser for Cameron!

One of our bunnies, Cameron, needs an expensive surgery to correct his dental disease. We have set up an online fund raiser to raise money for his surgery. Please click here if you would like to donate. Please share this with anyone you know who may be able to help! Every little bit counts! Poor Cam is the sweetest bunny, he is one of the ones who were dumped in a field this past December, and he deserves a shot at a happy life!

Michigan Rescue

The weekend of February 20th, we received a call for help when a trailer housing 200 small animals tipped over. Two of our volunteers drove to Michigan to assist. Click here to see the story!

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