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Greta is a spayed female. She prefers to live alone and in a large outdoor enclosure or inside. She can be cage aggressive when kept in a small cage. She is extremely picky about other rabbits she is friends with. She loves attention but needs lots of space.

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Welcome to A Critter's Chance!

C aring H earts for A nimals N eeding a C aring E nvironment

A Critter's Chance is a 501c3 organization specializing in wildlife rehabilitation and exotic/domestic pet rescue. Our mission is to be a voice for the animals, to educate the public about animal responsibility, to ensure animals are treated humanely and given a chance, and to make certain every available resource is used to find adoptive homes for domestic animals and to return wildlife to their natural environment.

Please note, we provide wildlife rehabilitation for mammals and reptiles. We do not have anyone in our organization who specializes in wild birds. If you find a wild bird in need of help, please contact Liz Hatton at 317-877-1187.

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Dog Sitting for Charity

Life in a Muttshell is a great organization started by Tony Furdock and his wife Ann Kalberer. They pet sit for dogs and ask for a donation in return. All the money they receive from dog sitting is donated to animal charities! The dogs are well cared for and loved while their owners are away, and more animals are helped by the donations. It's a win-win! Life in a Muttshell has made generous donations to A Critter's Chance as well as many other local groups. We are grateful to them for their support! Tony recently started volunteering with our group as well. Welcome to the team, Tony!

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