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Fortville Farm Rescue

On 3-25-08 our President, Michelle, received an email detailing the poor living conditions of the animals on a farm in Fortville, Indiana. It also contained pictures of the farm.

Michelle contacted the owner. He originally agreed to surrender 90% of the animals to our group. However, after talking with his wife, he changed his mind. At that point, Michelle called Animal Control. Animal Control spoke with the owner, and he eventually agreed to surrender the animals in order to avoid facing neglect charges. Animal Control released the animals to A Critter's Chance. We had a group of volunteers at the farm within three hours of being notified.

Below is a timeline of the rescue effort. Click here to see more photos.

  • Wednesday, 3-26-08 from 4:30-10:30PM
    We removed 3 horses, 10 chickens, 4 roosters, 2 guinea hens, 1 rooster, 6 cats (of which 4 were pregnant, 5 tested positive for feline leukemia, and the 6th one tested positive for feline aids and leukemia). There were also 11 rabbits taken this day. Two were pregnant. One had 9 babies, and the second one had 6 babies.
  • Saturday, 3-29-08 from 3:00-6:00PM
    We removed 23 Domestic African Geese, plus 21 eggs. They were immediately taken from the farm to their new homes.
  • Saturday, 4-5-08 from10:30AM-4PM
    We removed the last 3 horses. These horses were not social. They had never been bridled, haltered, saddled, rode, been off the farm or ever properly taken care of, so catching them was not easy! We had a “horse whisperer” along with other horse experts. We were not able to corral them to get them on trailers, due to the conditions of their living area. There were boards with nails sticking out of them, broken glass everywhere, fallen logs, and very large amounts of mud and feces, which made things very slippery. If the horses were to break their legs, it would have been detrimental, so we had to take our time.
  • The horses had to be transported to a temporary home in order to receive veterinarian care, clean housing, and proper nutrition. They stayed there for about two weeks. After a vet made sure they were free of disease, they were transported to their permanent home in Kentucky.

    After removing the animals, we obtained the necessary vet care. The total cost of this rescue was about $11,000! It was a lot of hard work, but well worth it to know these animals would be properly cared for going forward. Click here to view photos of the animals in their new homes. It's hard to believe these are the same animals!

    A Critter's Chance would like to thank everyone involved in this rescue. It was a very difficult rescue, but seeing the animals happy and healthy really does make it all worthwhile!